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Families Being Helped Currently 213!
Pounds of Dry Food Being Given Out Per Month6,815!!
Total Pounds of Dry Food Given Out to Date in 201675,450!!! 

Our 2015 Numbers

Families Helped 301!
Pounds of Dry Food Given Out Per Month in 2015 7,415 !
Pounds of Dry Food Given Out in 201588,980!!!

Our Mission

Our mission as a local nonprofit group is to help avoid the surrender of a family pet due to the lack of resources to feed and care for them. Pet Pantry of Lancaster County wants to lend a temporary helping hand to ease the burden, whether the cause is from trying economic times, health or emergency related circumstances. It is more evident than ever before that our pets not only bring us companionship and love but they are sometimes our only source of comfort when facing hardship. We are working in cooperation with local animal organizations to do what we can to keep family pets where they should stay-in their forever home.

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