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Families Being Helped Currently 280!
Pounds of Dry Food Being Given Out Per Month8,167!!
Total Pounds of Food Given Out to Date in 2015 57,173!!!

Our 2014 Numbers

Families Helped 252!
Pounds of Dry Food Given Out Per Month in 2014 8,524 !
Pounds of Food Given Out in 201493,768!!!

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Pet Food Supplies are low and we need your help! We currently distribute 7,800 pounds of dry pet food per month to those families who are in need of assistance with caring for their family pets. Please stop by with a donation and visit our new facility! Remember no donation is too small


• Unopened Dog & Cat Dry/Canned Food
• Kitty Litter
• Pet Treats
• Toys

• Dog and Cat Beds Monetary Donations

• Gallon Zip Lock Bags (for packaging)

• Scotch Tape
• 5 Gallon Food Grade Buckets with lids (clean and dry)
• Dawn Dish Washing Soap
• Copy Paper
• Paper Towels
• Gently Used Towels and Blankets
• Pet Carriers
• Collapsible Dog Crates
• Cat Scratching Posts
• 13 Gallon and Smaller Trash Bags

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